Ten common mistakes that makes writing articles pointless

As much as article marketing can boost your profile and drive traffic to your website, it can also destroy your credibility. People will make their mind about you as they read your articles and it doesn’t take much for them to click you out of their screen.

So, are you wasting time writing articles? Probably yes if your article reads like this…

1. Inaccurate

One incorrect fact is all you need to lose credibility. The reader will always question the validity of your information. Get your facts right in the first place.

2. Obvious

When you only state the obvious or commonsense information, you’re wasting the time of busy readers. Add newness.

3. Not grabbing

Your headline and first paragraph lack of a punch so the reader leaves without reading your article.

4. Lecturing or pitching

Who wants to be preached or sold to? Change your tone.

5. Long-winded

You’re rambling. The attention span is very short on the Web so get to the point quickly. Be ruthless when editing: cut, cut, cut.

6. Confusing

You’re losing the reader. This can happen when you start writing before you’ve clarified your mind. Follow an outline and explain in a logical way.

7. Boring

Reading your article is like a dull day… flat. Introduce a new twist or angle to your information or change your style.

8. Difficult to understand

The reader feels unfamiliar with your jargon, dialect or gobbledygook. Your language interferes with the understanding of your message.

9. Wordy

Avoid redundant expressions e.g. ‘at this point in time’ instead of ‘now’. Write concisely.

10. Ego driven

Leave yourself out of the article and delete unnecessary self-references e.g. “my advice is”, “my personal opinion” or “in my last seminar, I told my audience”.

Don’t forget, the reader holds the mouse, one click and you’re out of the screen OR one click and they’re visiting your website.

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