Tips for choosing your domain name

Choose a domain name that is…

  • Easy to remember, pronounce and spell
  • Catchy or distinctive such as this search engine


  • Names similar to your competitors. Yyour customers may end up remembering only your competitor’s name.
  • Names with different spelling eg, You may need to register both names to cater for a global audience.
  • Acronyms, unless you cater for a local audience or existing customers who recognise your acronym as a brand name. Typos are common with acronyms. Is it ‘‘, ‘‘, ‘‘, ‘‘ or ‘‘?

Underscores ( _ ) and hyphens ( – )

Domain names using underscores and hyphens are difficult to spell and remember. On the other hand, using a hyphen can be an useful alternative when

  • your preferred name is not available.
  • you want to use keywords in your domain name to better your search engine ranking. For example, uses a string of keywords.

Here are ideas for choosing your domain names…

  • exact match of your business name (
  • acronym of your business or trademark (
  • program that your business runs (
  • venue that your business operates (
  • profession/occupation of your members(
  • sport that you promote (
  • event that you organise (
  • problem that you solve (
  • product that you sell (
  • personal brand (
  • service that you provide (

More Marketing Cues tips

  • Use keywords in your domain name for better search engine ranking.
  • Register several domain names to cater for different product lines and services and to increase traffic through links. It is a cheap form of advertising.
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