Ten simple ways to win online customer’s confidence

Why would people trust you?

Your personal approach and reassurance can break barriers of reservations and fear. To build your credibility and develop a one-to-one relationship, try these simple and effective ways to gain potential customer’s confidence:

1. Empathy

When providing solutions, first demonstrate your understanding of the emotional component of the problem before giving the solution. How does the problem affect someone’s life? You could start your pitch with ‘Do you suffer from a debilitating migraine?’ or ‘Are you frustrated because..?

2. Give, give, give

Be generous with your information and share your knowledge and experience. Don’t worry about giving away critical information. Learning is a moving target. You cannot teach today what you will learn tomorrow. By sharing your knowledge you will come across as a expert to be trusted.

3. Credibility

Provide testimonials from reputable sources to build your reputation.

4. Privacy statement

Reassure customers that their personal details will not be disclosed to third parties and will be kept secure.

5. Personal insights

Reveal snippets of you or your life to connect on a personal level e.g. display your photo.

6. Consistent message

If you claim to be trustworthy, don’t sell dubious products for the sake of a financial gain.

7. Ongoing contact

Contact potential or existing customers regularly to build confidence and develop a strong relationship. An email newsletter is an effective ongoing communication channel.

8. Personal correspondence

Personalise your messages. Use first names e.g. ‘Hi Karen’ rather than ‘Dear valued customer’.

9. Physical address

Cyberspace residents have nothing to inspire confidence. Provide a physical address not just an email address.

10. Direct email

Give a direct email address e.g. john@domain.com instead of info@domain.com.

Gain customers with your personal approach and reap the benefits.

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