Successful article marketing: the strategies behind

The purpose of article marketing is to pave the way to your website for people and search engines. To do so, you exchange free content for promotion.

Successful Article Marketing is all about making the right strategic choices.

1- Choice of Target Market

When choosing your target market, consider:

  • Size: How big is your target market? Will you stand out from a crowd of established competitors?
  • Web literacy: Does your target market shop online?
  • Spending power: Is your target market hungry for information AND willing to spend money?
  • Buying preference: Is your target market more likely to buy your product or service online or in a retail outlet? Don’t confuse buying and researching. Many do their research online and buy offline.

2- Choice of keywords

You may be ranking #1 on Google but who is reading your article?

Your choice of keywords will determine whether your target market finds your article. So, listen to their language. By using their vocabulary, you’ll appear on their web search engine results, where it matters to you.

3- Choice of Article topic

Give your target market what they want. Identify the problems and issues that preoccupy them. On the Web, people decide what they want to read. What YOU want to write about is irrelevant unless your target market wants it too.

4- Choice of Article content

How much information should you provide before you become dispensable?

It’s a balancing act.

If you give the solution, why would someone buy your product or hire your services? If you give too little information, you hardly can establish your credibility and whet their appetite for more?

Don’t fall in the trap of giving it all. Give only one key element of the solution to impress them and sell the rest. Or, present the ‘Why’ and sell the ‘How’.

Ultimately, you want the reader to click on your link in the Resource Box.

5- Choice of Article Title

Think outside the box. Develop a compelling attention-grabbing title to arouse curiosity. Make it an irresistible entry point for your article.

You can model your titles on sales letter headlines. View these compelling headlines.

6- Choice of Resource Box Content

As you’ve giving away our free content, you now want your reward… people clicking on the links in your Resource Box.

To avoid losing the thread of the article with your self-promotion, integrate your Resource Box to your article with ‘Do you want to know how I did it?’ and link to the solution, instead of ‘(YourName) is…’

7- Choice of Landing Page

The landing page must be relevant to your article, a continuation. Article Marketing drives hot leads to your site. Don’t cool them down by introducing out-of-context offers.

Article Marketing is a matter of choices. Take the wrong turn, you’ll waste countless hours. Move strategically and you’ll be delighted with your Article Marketing results.

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