Three baby steps to article marketing

New to Article Marketing? Procrastinating Article Marketer?

But how to get started?

Take the next three steps, one at a time and enjoy the results.

1- Preparation

Gather information and record ideas in a pad. This will prevent writer’s block when you’ll face your blank paper or computer screen.

Block out time in your diary to write e.g. early mornings when you’re more likely to be fresh and creative. Take seriously this appointment with yourself and let no one reschedule your time unnecessarily.

2- Writing

Time yourself. Using a template, complete the outline with your information.

To flesh out your article, pretend you explain the information contained in your outline to a colleague or client. Use voice recognition software to dictate your article if you’re a slow typist and tend to lose your train of thought.

For better results, leave your article to rest and only edit it the next day when you’ll be able to read your article more objectively and spot grammatical mistakes and typos.

3- Promotion

First, upload your article on your blog and website.

Next, promote your article on other websites, blogs and article directories. Let Web Publishers reproduce your articles so their clients and website visitors can sample your knowledge and follow your links in your Resource Box. You can use article submission software to accelerate this promotional process or delegate the task to online submission services.

Are you still procrastinating? Then, consider the cost of inaction:

•  How will I feel at the end of the day or month if I’ve not made progress?
•  How will I feel for having wasted time and I can’t turn the clock back?
•  Will I feel guilty?

The sense of achievement, higher ranking of your website on search engine results and extra traffic coming to your website will greatly compensate your efforts.

Stop procrastinating and start promoting your business with article marketing. No more excuses!

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