Speed Article Marketing: Unleash the Expert Within and Take the Competitive Lead

“Discover How to Master your Market!”

How would you like to…

redtick16x18px Be viewed as THE Expert in your field?

redtick16x18px Drive qualified traffic to your site?

redtick16x18px Boost your search engine ranking?

“It’s simple, effective and cost nothing… when you know how.”

Have you wondered why a person with less experience than you rises out of nowhere to climb to the top, becomes the Expert and attracts Subscribers and Clients like a magnet?

It might shock you but the truth is, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in your industry or how many years of education and experience you’ve clocked.

The only things sprint climbing Experts do is put their doubts aside and share their information and like moths attracted to a light, people are drawn to them and keep coming back for more.

What are YOU doing to let people sample your expertise and STAND OUT from the crowd?

If you’re not already using ‘Article Marketing’ efficiently, you’re missing on the best free, highly effective and long-lasting marketing strategy to promote you and your business.

Article Marketing can be used by Speakers, Trainers, Coaches, Information Publishers, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs… in fact by anyone who is willing to share their knowledge in return for fans and clients.

Does the mere thought of writing articles suddenly triggered a string of excuses?

So what’s holding you back?

“I’m not a good writer”

“I can’t find the time.”

“I can’t get started.”

“I’m not in the mood.”

“My mind goes blank when I try to write.”

“My articles will never be good enough.”

“I write too slow.”

If these resonate with you, you’re not alone.

  • Do you beat yourself up for not doing enough to promote your business?
  • Has writing articles been on your to-do list for many months, even years?
  • Do you find it painful to come up with original content for your blog or newsletter?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, make sure you keep reading this page because you’re about to learn how to develop a proficient writing mindset and promote your business using the best and cheapest way.

You’ll discover practical strategies used by professional writers to switch your mind on demand into writing mode, at least double your productivity and promote your expertise in the best article directories.

Here’s why I wrote this e-book…

My name is Henriette Martel, marketer, website strategist and publisher. I’m also the author of 200 Marketing Ideas for Your Website and Director of the Australian Training Guide.

I know that article marketing is the most effective, cost-efficient and risk-free way to market your business on the internet.

How do I know?

I’ve used article marketing seven years ago and as a result, I still benefit from top search engine ranking, regular traffic to my site and more importantly, a steady flow of clients and sales.

Unfortunately, I became a ‘busy procrastinator’. In fact, people will never believe that I was a procrastinator because I was always so busy. But deep inside, I kept putting ‘writing articles’ on my to-do list and for one reason or another, I never got down to it.

Knowing how Article Marketing boosted my online profile and raised my business bottom line, I became increasingly guilty for delaying writing articles, a free source of traffic, publicity and new leads.

So I voraciously read Article Marketing books hoping to uncover techniques to overcome my procrastination and increase my writing speed.

You see, books on Article Marketing explain its many benefits, flash stats to demonstrate increased traffic on their site and even provide templates…

But, none provided solutions to my fundamental writing issues:

  • How do you overcome procrastination and writer’s block so you actually start?
  • How do you switch to ‘writing mode’ when you’re tired, flat or simply, not inspired?
  • How do writers write 10 articles or more a day without help of software or ghostwriters?

So, I meticulously studied like a Sherlock Holmes the mindset of prolific writers and interviewed professional writers who must write come what may, day in day out, inspired or not as part of their everyday job.

I finally nailed down how they overcome procrastination and writer’s block, tune ‘into the zone’ and churn out quality articles at a phenomenal rate.

Frank Furness

Frank Furness
Sales & Social Media
Keynote Speaker

“Wherever I address audiences all over the world I always tell them about the power of article marketing. Often I hear the same excuses: ‘I don’t have the time’, ‘I don’t know where to start’ and for many years I have been waiting for a book that will help them and tell them exactly what to do.

Henriette, your e-book is the answer. It shares all the practical and immediate steps anyone can take to build their brand and showcase their expertise. It has all the answers…..

I will be recommending your e-book to all my audiences as they will now have all the tools. This is the one e-book everyone should not only buy, but use time and time again.”

Frank Furness, Author of ‘Walking with Tigers’, www.frankfurness.com

One more thing I discovered… you don’t need to be born a ‘writer’. You can ‘become’ a writer. Use the strategies in the e-book and they will take you from zero to top speed in no time, without waiting for the elusive ‘perfect’ writing moment.

What makes this e-book different

Speed Article MarketingIn Speed Article Marketing: Unleash the Expert Within and Take the Competitive Lead, you’ll not only discover why and how to use Article Marketing but you’ll also gain…

  • Breakthrough Mindset Strategies: You’ll learn how to go ‘into the zone’ even on bad days and overcome procrastination and writer’s block, the killers of any best writing intention.
  • Insider Productivity Techniques: Time is money. You’ll learn from prolific writers how to increase your productivity, keeping the momentum and leveraging your energy.
  • Resources & Tools: You’ll get the whole toolbox so you don’t run out of ideas and that it pays off to write articles. You’ll have sources of ideas, templates, a list of submission software and sites, the top ten article directories and much more…
David Koutsoukis

David Koutsoukis
Leadership Speaker & Author

“As the author of nine books I am really into writing and this is simply the best book on article writing I have come across.

I especially love the toolkit section which is full of templates that help me structure my articles.

I now write better articles in half the time!”

David Koutsoukis CSP, www.DavidKoutsoukis.com

But, I can hear you say…

“Article Marketing is not the only online strategy to drive traffic to a website. PPC does a great job for my business!”

So how does Article Marketing compare to PPC?

There’s no doubt that a well organised PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign will instantly bring traffic gushing to your site.

But what happens when you stop paying for your PPC campaign?

No payment = No advert = No traffic from PPC

What Article Marketing does that PPC doesn’t

  • Positioning: Elevate your status from ‘Supplier’ to ‘Expert’. Your products and services are no longer bidding commodities, as with PPC adverts. People are more likely to hire services and buy products from Experts, even at a higher market price.
  • Pre-selling: People can sample your work on a third party’s website or email newsletter. This gives a boost to your credibility. It not only gives readers an opportunity to connect with you on neutral grounds but it also pre-sells your products before they come to your site. As you would know, people prefer buying from people they know and trust.
  • Viral marketing: Like a virus, your article can circulate on the internet through social media, blogs and newsletters without your direct involvement.
  • Long-lasting benefits: You write your article once and the benefits are ongoing, 24/7 promotion for years to come at no cost.
  • Free publicity: Your article gives you publicity, not just paid advertising. This could be likened to the credibility of newspaper articles versus paid adverts.
  • Organic results: Web search engines will list your business under their ‘organic’ search engine results. Those unbiased results are based on search relevance, not biddings from advertisers. Research reveals that 70% of web users click on organic search engine results versus 30% on paid listings.
  • Lead Generation: Unlike PPC, Article Marketing promotion is not limited to selected keywords. You’ll be amazed by the new markets you’ll reach with your articles and the unexpected potential clients driven to your site.
  • Revenue generation: Instead of paying for adverts, you can create new income streams out of article marketing.
  • Product creation: You can repurpose your articles to create new products to sell or give away.
  • Search Engine Optimisation: the number of backlinks or incoming links to your site will increase with each site publishing your articles. So the more backlinks you have, the higher your popularity rating increases, the higher your website will rank on web search results.

Article Marketing is a winner when it comes to reaching new markets, overcoming internet scepticism and winning client confidence.

Angie Spiteri

Angie Spiteri
Business Efficiency Specialist

“Most people I meet want to write articles because it’s the easiest and most powerful way of staying in touch with their network on a regular basis, but don’t for the reasons you’ve included in your e-book. This will help them in so many ways.

It’s not only informative but also motivational and inspirational! I especially love the writer’s tools, tips and templates you’ve included Henriette.

It makes getting started so easy. Your e-book is packed full of information. Thanks, I intend to spread the word!”

Anngie Spiteri, www.timeequalsmoney.net.au

So here’s what you can expect to learn from this e-book…

redtick16x18px Proven breakthrough strategies to overcome procrastination.

redtick16x18px How to write on demand even when you feel ‘brain dead’.

redtick16x18px Pros’ unconventional ways to find article ideas… you won’t guess!

redtick16x18px 15 more non-stop sources of ideas so you’ll never run out of ideas.

redtick16x18px What’s the best article length?

redtick16x18px How to lengthen an article without ‘padding’.

redtick16x18px Five ways to ‘tighten up’ your article.

redtick16x18px Ten makeover tips to have your articles pass first impressions with flying colours.

redtick16x18px Ten mistakes that will ensure your article is NOT read.

redtick16x18px The best tools for writers… most of them are free!

redtick16x18px Best cure against a slow start.

redtick16x18px A clever secret technique to write faster.

redtick16x18px A little trick to double and even triple your efficiency.

redtick16x18px Best time to write for zero anxiety and pressure.

redtick16x18px How to deal effectively with distractions.

redtick16x18px The key to beating writer’s block and building momentum – all professional writers use it!

redtick16x18px How to develop a prolific writing mindset even if you’ve never written something.

redtick16x18px One sure strategy that will jolt you into action… it’s more powerful than an electric chock.

redtick16x18px How to make sure you won’t ever face a blank page again.

redtick16x18px An old effective trick that many professional writers still use every day.

redtick16x18px How to keep your momentum up and energy high to increase your productivity.

redtick16x18px How to speed your writing and prevent sabotaging your flow of words with self-critiques.

redtick16x18px Three productivity killers to avoid at all costs.

redtick16x18px Five ways to double your writing output.

redtick16x18px What you should know if you’re writing for a niche market.

redtick16x18px Three ‘must’ clauses to include in a ghostwriter’s agreement (if you still need one!).

redtick16x18px A 5-step system to write multiple articles in one sitting.

redtick16x18px How to submit articles: your options and recommendations.

redtick16x18px The ten top ranking article directories that Google loves.

redtick16x18px How to repurpose your existing material. Using pages from this e-book, I’ll demonstrate how to convert them into 12 articles. What’s more, you can revert this strategy to create an e-book out of your articles.

redtick16x18pxFifteen no-brainer templates with demo samples.

redtick16x18px How to make money out of article marketing without writing articles.

BONUS LEARNING: Once you’ve mastered the strategies in Speed Article Marketing: Unleash the Expert Within and Take the Competitive Lead, you’ll be able to undertake larger writing projects such as writing a book, e-book or ecourse and increase your productivity in other areas of your business life. This e-book is living proof of how effective these strategies are.

Lance Winslow Retired Franchisor Business Consultant Author of 20,000+ articles  USA

Lance Winslow
Author of 20,000+ articles

“I’m currently reading your e-book, I just can’t put it down! It’s well worth the cost of whatever you’re going to charge for it.

It’s comprehensive and packed with great tips, and techniques that article authors and marketers can use. You have lots of great references to websites which I’ve never been to.

It will help article writers immensely, many of whom have been scammed by others with superficial e-books that were to supposedly help them.”

Lance Winslow, Retired Franchisor & Business Consultant

Can you imagine…

  • Seeing your website and articles take prime position on search engine results?
  • Having webmasters and publishers promoting your business for free?
  • People coming to you, THE Expert, without cold calling or advertising?

And yes, this on-going promotion can be yours at no cost.

Truth is, the only thing stopping you is probably your own doubts.

You’re asking yourself…

  • Will Article Marketing work for me?
  • Will I really be able to get started?
  • Will it be ‘another’ e-book filed on my computer?

All valid questions, of course.

But this little voice in your head is holding you back and you’re letting competitors take the lead.

I know it’s hard to swallow, but doubt is the reason why people don’t take action and stay stuck.

Well, to ease your concerns, here’s what I’ll do for you…

I’ll give you a complete, no risk, 100% money-back guarantee. If you believe you don’t have your money’s worth with the breakthrough strategies, tools and resources, I’ll refund your money. Even better… there’s no time limit to claim your money back! That’s more than a guarantee. It’s a personal promise.

And there’s more…

How many times have you bought an e-book, read it and done nothing with your investment? This time, it’s going to be different. I’m including a 15-week follow-up program to provide you with inspiration and momentum. I’ll send you one new template each week with a sample, writing tips and useful resources to keep you motivated.

I can hear you ask… where are the bonuses?

Instead of being snowed under a pile of bonuses, they’ll be delivered in your inbox, one per week. Your Christmas will last 15 weeks!

How much? $47… yes, only that. I know it’s too cheap for endless free online promotion and for life-changing skills that schools and universities don’t teach. But I don’t want price to be a barrier to your business growth.

Maybe there’s someone in your life who picture you as a ‘dreamer’ for wanting to stand out from the crowd and live the successful lifestyle. I guess that if you don’t order Speed Article Marketing: Unleash the Expert Within and Take the Competitive Lead, they’re probably right all along.

I don’t mean to sound too harsh or pushy but if you’ve read this far, you know Article Marketing will open new business opportunities for you. Are you dreaming or do you really want success?

Only people who take action succeed.

Let’s recap, here’s what you’ll get…

redtick16x18px 107-page e-book packed with practical tips, techniques and resources that will help you take the competitive lead as THE Expert in your field.

redtick16x18px 15-week follow-up program to provide motivation and momentum. Each week, you’ll receive tips, a new article template and links to useful resources. Bonuses on a weekly basis!


Start NOW...click on the button for an instant download.

P.S. Who will become THE Expert and cash on the benefits? You or Your Competitor?

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