What to include in a small business website

Looking for a website of less than 5 pages? What should you include?

A website of that size will more than likely be an informative business card and should provide, if relevant, a call for action.

What do you want out of your website? What actions do you want your visitors to take? A few meaningful pages are far more important that a huge website with no focus. These are a few suggestions.

  • Architects and builders can display photographs of past projects and link to suppliers.
  • Consultants can provide case studies and recommendations from past customers to build their credibility.
  • Trainers can provide testimonials, a schedule of coming seminars and also an enrolment form.
  • A retail shop can advertise special offers and provide an order form.
  • Manufacturers can provide product information and link to distributors.
  • Artists can display their work, advertise coming exhibitions and link with art galleries.
  • Inventors can promote their innovations and link to interested parties.
  • An association can publish a calendar of events and supply a membership application.
  • Photographers can publish a gallery of photographs and provide contact details.
  • Manufacturers can sell their products directly to the local and global community.

A small, relevant website for your target market will boost your online business profile.

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