Harness the power of article marketing for organic results

Article Marketing is the most effective soft-approach option to web sales and marketing for those who don’t like to brag, sell and spend money advertising. It levels the playing field for all individuals who use the internet to promote their business.

Words are extremely powerful. They can inspire or destabilize, build or destroy strong relationships, and unite or drive people to war.

With Article Marketing, you can package your words into articles and harvest organic unbiased results that paid advertisement can’t achieve.

How Does Article Marketing Works?

Article marketing has two obvious components: writing and promotion. First, you need to write informative articles sought after by your market. And secondly, you have to make your articles available to Web Publishers. As a trade off for free material for their website, blog or directory, Web Publishers will give you a ‘Resource Box’ that contains a few lines of self-promotion at the bottom of your article.

As you can imagine, your promotion can reach worldwide audience usually too difficult or expensive to reach. This effortless dissemination of your articles on the Internet can accelerate exponentially your market penetration.

The true power of Article Marketing lies in the organic results: genuine self-qualified leads, incoming links to your website from multiple sources and listing under the organic web search results.

Self-qualified leads

Once Web Publishers reproduce your articles, you instantly position yourself as a published writer and more important, as an expert.

From an unknown writer, you become a person of influence that readers learn to trust and want to follow. Without bragging or selling yourself, you convert unknown internet readers to self-qualified leads who will initiate the click in your Resource Box and visit your website.

Article Marketing attracts genuine referrals who sampled your knowledge.

Organic incoming links

Article Marketing provides an organic source of incoming links to your website.

Without paid advertisement or dubious linking strategies, you’ll automatically draw traffic from Web Publishers’ sites thanks to your link in the Resource Box of your article.

Bear in mind that it’s important to write articles relevant to the content of your website if quality of incoming links and traffic is more important to you than quantity.

Organic Web Search Engine Results

People vote with their clicks whether your articles are worth publishing or you’re worth following. And search engines keep the score.

As the number of incoming links grows, your website will score higher in the popularity contest and Search Engines will give your website a higher ranking on organic (unpaid) search engine results.

A prominent position on search engine results translates to more exposure and traffic to your website from discerning readers and potential clients.

Article Marketing is powerful because it enables you to raise your internet profile, establish credibility and win the trust of readers based on your value, not on your advertising budget.

P.S. A word of caution: The power of Article Marketing is a double-edged sword. It can make or break your reputation. Will you be a boring writer that people click away because of useless information or inaccurate facts or an inspiring writer offering advice that trusting people will blindly follow?

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