Email newsletters: 12 alternatives to writing ‘standard’ articles

Do you find writing for your email newsletter tedious? Do you postpone publishing an email newsletter because you dread having to write articles on a regular basis?

Readers are looking for fresh, useful and interesting information. The way you present that information can take various forms.

Instead of writing a ‘standard article’, try these ideas for a change:

  • Product reviews

    Introduce readers to new products through your reviews. Once visitors value your unbiased opinion, they will look forward to your next review. When possible, refer to affiliate products to generate an income.

  • Comparative reviews

    Evaluate different products and give them a rating. Share your research findings on products or services that you have considered for yourself and pass on your recommendations. There again, another affiliate sale opportunity.

  • Mini polls

    Conduct a mini poll on your website using a single question with multiple choices e.g. ‘How much time do you spend on the Internet each week?’ Then collate and report on results.

  • Interviews

    Relate an interview with an expert in your field on their experience, opinion or latest project. An interview gives interesting insights and the dialogue format adds variety.

  • ‘Ask the Expert’

    Invite readers to submit questions. You can either answer those questions yourself to boost your reputation as an expert or invite an outside expert to respond to them on your behalf and reduce your workload.

  • Tips

    In each issue, give a tip or solve a common problem that occurs in your line of work. Bonus idea: collate those tips in an e-book and give it away as an incentive to attract new subscribers or as a reward for loyal readership.

  • Editorial

    Comment on local, national and international news relevant to your type of business. Your knowledge will shine through.

  • Events

    Announce and remind readers of coming events relevant to your line of work. Strengthen your alliances with other organisations by advertising their functions.

  • Reader’s corner

    Open a line of communication with readers. Let them voice their opinion and share their experience. This builds rapport and loyalty.

  • Anecdotes

    Introduce a personal touch by relating a story to reinforce your message and enliven your email newsletter. A memorable story is good material for viral marketing (online word of mouth).

  • Contest

    Organise a contest e.g. ‘best idea’ or ‘tell us in 20 words or less why…’ Publish the results in your newsletter. This could generate material for future newsletters. Reward winners by acknowledging their contribution with a short biography and a link to their website.

  • Story selling

    Simple success stories that personify a real ‘slice of life’ are convincing. Use this more fluent and less formal approach to reporting a case study to advertise your products or services.

Writing for a newsletter does not have to be a chore. Choose a style and content that facilitate your work as publisher.

Many of these ideas have been adapted from the book 200 Marketing Ideas for Your Website.

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