Copywriting lessons for Pros

Professional writers have no choice than being efficient if they want to make a living out of writing. Here’s what I learned about efficiency and productivity from them…

1- Set a goal and timeframe and stick to it. Any task can drag longer than necessary if you don’t have a deadline. Without it, time will fly away and you’ll wonder where the day went. Why do today what you could do tomorrow?

2- Don’t wait until you’re in the perfect frame for writing. Write anything, blah, blah, blah. Shift from inertia and build momentum. Sensible words and thoughts will catch up with you. Professional writers agree that you must start writing come what may.

3- Keep a pad and pen handy to record ideas. Don’t waste your creative ideas. Resort to your ideas file and systems in place to prevent writer’s block.

4- Write for one (imaginary) friend sitting across you. Your style will become conversational and it’s much easier than addressing a crowd. This way, your productivity will increase as words will effortless pour out.

5- Write as fast as you can or dictate your words (we speak faster than we write) to prevent sabotaging the steady flow of ideas with self-critiques and distractions. Don’t edit your work as you write. If you feel compelled to edit while you write, try writing in the dark or typing with a blank screen (turn off monitor).

6- Keep the momentum and energy high. If need be, use a timer or music for rhythm. Alternate writing projects to level your energy. This prevents you from being tired and slowing down when working on one project for too long.

7- Don’t try to be perfect and write the best articles on the web. The plan is to share information and promote your business expertise, not to write a Shakespearian masterpiece. Produce and publish articles as fast as you can.

Consider ‘writing articles’ like a pro. Time is money. Learn to become efficient to make your article marketing efforts worthwhile.

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