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Benefits of publishing an e-book for your business

Have you been looking for a product that is cheap to produce, quick to release and would boost your credibility as an expert? Well, an e-book has it all! And what’s more? It’s easily distributed, requires minimal storage and provides

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B.U.R.P.I.E.S. Sales Letter Generator


Software created by Brett McFall I can hear you say: “What on earth is B.U.R.P.I.E.S.?” B.U.R.P.I.E.S. is a user-friendly copywriting software that creates professional sales letters instantly for e-books. You enter specific details about your product in the blanks of

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Copywriting lessons for Pros

Professional writers have no choice than being efficient if they want to make a living out of writing. Here’s what I learned about efficiency and productivity from them… 1- Set a goal and timeframe and stick to it. Any task

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The ‘Batch Article Writing’ formula

Writing articles can be time consuming if you haven’t yet developed a system to increase your productivity. The ‘Batch Article Writing’ Formula follows the production line model. It will enable you to write many articles at once on a similar

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What’s the best cure to writer’s block?

Have you ever felt brain dead in front of a blank page? You sat down to write, all excited at the prospect of producing an interesting article for your newsletter or website and then, as if someone pulled a switch,

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The article writing productivity checklist

The easiest way to deal with distractions is to avoid them and be organised. This way, you can remain single-minded on your task. Before starting to write articles, use this checklist to make sure you’re well prepared and have no

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What is the ideal article length?

Articles can vary from 250 to 1500 with many online publishers only taking 500 or 1000 words. And short articles, less than 500 words, are popular for email newsletters and blogs. So what is the ideal length for an article?

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The article writer’s toolbox

Article writers don’t have the luxury of waiting for inspiration or the ‘perfect’ moment to write. For this reason, they need a backup supply of ideas to prevent writer’s block and also, tools to speed up their productivity. Here are

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Web page titles to promote your website

Are you missing out on a simple, no-cost website marketing strategy? By assigning meaningful and effective titles to your web pages, you can boost your search engine ranking, increase brand exposure and differentiate your listing from competitors in search engine

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Web writing for people and search engines

The mindset of the online reader is ruled by convenience, speed and ‘what’s in it for me’. In a flash, people want current, useful and relevant information to fulfil their needs and to do so, they have adopted new reading

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