What’s the best cure to writer’s block?

Have you ever felt brain dead in front of a blank page? You sat down to write, all excited at the prospect of producing an interesting article for your newsletter or website and then, as if someone pulled a switch, your mind goes as blank as the page? All your brilliant ideas simply vanished.

Do professional writers suffer from writer’s block? If so, how do they overcome this temporary inability to write?

Here’s what they do…

Ben Settle, Copywriter

The key to beating writers block is simply writing. Just get moving in a forward direction. Some smart scientists many years ago discovered a link between our hands and the creative side of our brains. This is why, for example, when you do the dishes or chores or something with your hands, ideas seem to ‘magically’ appear from nowhere.

So my point is, just start writing.

Something decent will emerge if you keep at it. And, in many cases, it will be something that your readers love.

Lance Winslow, Article Writer (wrote 20,000 articles)

The easiest way to overcome writer’s block is to deny its existence, and to just start writing anything.

You shouldn’t try to put yourself in the perfect frame of mind to get started writing, rather, you just need to start writing anything, and eventually your mind will turn on when it’s ready.

Eugene Schwartz, Famous (late) Copywriter

Eugene Schwartz set his kitchen timer to 33 minutes and 33 seconds. During that time, he gave himself permission to do anything but leaving his chair. He would get so bored that he would start writing to pass time. When the timer went off, he would take a break and then, he would reset the timer and start again the same process.

Experts agree… the best cure to writer’s block is to start writing, inspired or not. Write! Your mind will click into gear after a while.

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