Benefits of having your own domain name

Having your own domain will…

  • Project a professional image and level the playing field with large organisations.
  • Distinguish yourself from competitors with a unique identity.
  • Build branding (recognition).
  • Attract traffic to your site. By using keywords in your domain name, search engines are more likely to retrieve your website in their search results.
  • Save money on stationery. No need to reprint business cards and letterheads when you change Internet Service Provider. Your internet address remains the same.
  • Increase your credibility with your own address instead of using a free email address such as
  • Have a fixed address. If you move premises, your customers can contact you by email or look on your website to find out where you have physically relocated.
  • Show your autonomy. Your domain name is not linked to a third party’s name e.g.
  • Attract sponsors or partners with your credible unique domain name.
  • Have the ability to organise your correspondence with an alias e.g., or

That’s good value for less than $40 a year!

Please note: You may even become addicted and register several domain names. One for each of your products or services!

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