The ‘Batch Article Writing’ formula

Writing articles can be time consuming if you haven’t yet developed a system to increase your productivity.

The ‘Batch Article Writing’ Formula follows the production line model. It will enable you to write many articles at once on a similar topic. You may need a bit of practice at first if you’re easily distracted. But once you’ve mastered this system, you’ll at least triple your output.

1. Set your production line

Open several text files. Each file represents a stand-alone article.

2. Research

Research once only. Don’t mix research and writing, as research can be distracting and can lead you away from writing. So research prior writing and don’t return to research, once you’ve started writing.

As you research, allocate ideas and notes to separate files.

3. Outline

Organise your thoughts and increase your productivity by using templates as frameworks. Assign a template to each text file and slot the information you’ve gathered in the blank spaces.

4. Write fast

It’s now time to take each file and write the different articles.

Write physically fast or dictate your words to a digital recording (we speak faster than we write). The plan is to avoid sabotaging your steady stream of words with self-critiques and distractions.

During this process…

    • Don’t criticise as you write or speak, or you’ll choke your flow of ideas.
    • Don’t edit your writing. If you feel compelled to edit while you write, try writing in the dark or typing with a blank screen (turn off monitor).
    • And if you find yourself going too much on a tangent, take a break and come back with a re-focused mind.

5. Edit

Be ruthless when you edit. Don’t fall in love with your words. Cut information that doesn’t add to your message.

Edit your article: shorten sentences and paragraphs, delete redundant expressions, check for typos and grammar, make the text flow in a logical order, etc…

Resist the temptation to over-edit your articles (especially if you’re a perfectionist). That’s a waste of time. Understand that most online readers scan articles so they won’t notice minor editing changes.

And voilà, you have a set of articles!

With the Batch Article Writing Formula, you’ll remain task-focused and increase your productivity.

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