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AWeber review: do I need an email newsletter auto-responder system?

Are you always trying to do everything yourself and buying the cheapest solutions to save money? The most important lesson I learned from my financial adviser is to invest in my business. Do painters use the cheapest brushes? No, because

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Email newsletters: 12 alternatives to writing ‘standard’ articles

Do you find writing for your email newsletter tedious? Do you postpone publishing an email newsletter because you dread having to write articles on a regular basis? Readers are looking for fresh, useful and interesting information. The way you present

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Benefits of publishing an e-book for your business

Have you been looking for a product that is cheap to produce, quick to release and would boost your credibility as an expert? Well, an e-book has it all! And what’s more? It’s easily distributed, requires minimal storage and provides

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What to include in a small business website

Looking for a website of less than 5 pages? What should you include? A website of that size will more than likely be an informative business card and should provide, if relevant, a call for action. What do you want

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Is your homepage open for business?

If you are open for business, let your homepage be an entry point not a barrier. How often have you come across the following conditions of entry? Welcome, please … View with a different browser. Download this software. Listen to

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FIFTY ways to use your website

A website is an investment. After all, you are building a shopfront. In a nutshell, you can use your website to… Enhance your professional image 1- Look professional and as BIG as large corporations. 2- Pre-sell yourself to new clients

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Checklist for planning your website

Enthusiasm does not replace a lack of preparation. The purpose, business model, target market and competitive strategies should be determined even before you draw the blueprint of your website. Purpose: what is the site for? What are your business and

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Five soft-selling strategies for those who hate selling

If you hate HYPE and hard-sell, use these soft-selling ideas for a more subtle and friendly approach to promote and sell your products. 1- Free projects Offer free projects that require your products. To add convenience and generate sales, facilitate

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Why don’t visitors trust me? Counteract 7 obstacles to trust

Legitimate concerns prevent people from trusting online information providers and business operators. Identify their worries and discover strategies to allay their fears: 1- Inaccurate information People are worried that information could be erroneous or out-dated. In some instances, it could

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Ten simple strategies to add value to your product

Value as we discussed in the article Value-pricing strategy: “We’re not the cheapest but…”, is a matter of perception. Value is complex as there are many criteria on which people assess it. These could be: convenience, visual or auditory appeal,

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