The article writing productivity checklist

The easiest way to deal with distractions is to avoid them and be organised. This way, you can remain single-minded on your task. Before starting to write articles, use this checklist to make sure you’re well prepared and have no excuses to leave your desk.

redtick16x18px Set your goal and deadline for your project e.g. “I’ll finish writing a series of 10 articles on (topic) by Friday, 3pm”.

redtick16x18px Set your goal for the day and next writing session e.g. “I’ll finish one article by midday”.

redtick16x18px Turn off your email software

redtick16x18px Switch off your phone.

redtick16x18px Stock up with tissues, coffee and water, if required.

redtick16x18px Have your toilet break now.

Clear your desk and only keep the following handy…

redcheckmark Memo pad to scribble down any distracting idea e.g. ‘I must email John’. By delegating your thoughts to your pad, you’ll free your mind and be able to continue on with your writing. At a break, you can attend to these distractions.

redtick16x18px Swipe file to keep as reference. A swipe file or collection of resources can include news clips of striking headlines and quotes that inspire you. They make a good starting point to stimulate your creativity and prevent writer’s block.

redtick16x18px Ideas log to refer to if you run out of ideas. Your ideas log is the little notebook that you carry around where you’ve recorded ideas that have popped to your mind.

redtick16x18px Existing Material to repurpose. You may want to include snippets from your existing brochures or workbooks into your articles.

redtick16x18px Research notes to document your articles. Your research should be finished by now so don’t return to research as you write. This would only steer you away from your writing goal.

redtick16x18px Templates to organise your thoughts and give them a structure. Starting with a layout is more inspiring than a blank page.

redtick16x18px Digital recorder and Speech Recognition Software: If you prefer speaking than writing, use these tools. They will increase your productivity as we speak faster than we write.

redtick16x18px Thesaurus and Dictionary for the editing stage only.

Organising your environment is the first step towards preparing yourself mentally to enter the ‘zone’, writer’s heaven.

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