The article writer’s toolbox

Article writers don’t have the luxury of waiting for inspiration or the ‘perfect’ moment to write. For this reason, they need a backup supply of ideas to prevent writer’s block and also, tools to speed up their productivity. Here are valuable article writing tools:

Ideas Log

Each time, an idea pops to your mind, whether it’s a headline, phrase or expression that could be useful for a future article, save it in a little notebook that you carry around. Write the essence of your idea with enough information to jolt your memory. If you’re near your computer, store your idea in a computer file. When you run out of ideas, refer to your notes.

Swipe File

A swipe file is a collection of resources that you keep for reference. You could include articles from other writers, news clips of striking headlines and quotes that inspire you. They make a good starting point to stimulate your creativity and prevent writer’s block.

Memo Pad

Keep a memo pad handy when you’re writing. It is inevitable that new unrelated ideas will distract you e.g. “I need to include this idea in yesterday’s article”, “I forgot to take something from the freezer for tonight’s meal” or “I must email John”. If you attend to any of these distractions now, you’ll interrupt your writing momentum.

Jot those ideas in your memo pad. By delegating your thoughts to your pad, you’ll free your mind and be able to continue on with your writing. At a break, attend to these distractions.

Digital Recorder

You can use a digital recorder to capture ideas as they arise, whether you’re driving your car or resting at night. Referring to your pool of ideas will prevent writer’s block.

You can also speed up your writing output by dictating the content of your articles. This way, you don’t interrupt your flow of thoughts with slow typing speed and compulsive editing needs.

Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition is a software that converts spoken works to computer text. Once you have recorded the content of your articles with a digital recorder, use speech recognition software to transcribe your words into text.


Templates are useful tools, especially for new writers. They provide a layout to an otherwise uninspiring blank page.

With templates, you can also increase your productivity if you’re writing articles in batches or by sets. Using a single research, you can easily produce a variety of articles e.g. how to, checklist and step-by-step articles with the same base material.

These valuable writing tools will prevent writer’s block and increase your productivity. Make them your best companions.

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