Article marketing roadmap

Article Marketing is rewarding but it requires preparation and commitment to stay on track.

Prepare your article marketing roadmap, as you would plan a business trip. With a solid framework, you’ll get a clear sense of direction and purpose. Your time will be productive, reaching your target market and achieving your business goals.

Your article marketing roadmap is not set in concrete. As with any other maps, you have flexibility. At any time, you can venture in other directions and take advantage of opportunities too good to miss but refer regularly to your roadmap and come be back to the main road.

Here’s what to include in your article marketing roadmap…

Planning Ahead


Identify the reasons why you want to write articles to promote your business e.g. drive traffic to your website, build your credibility, sell your products, etc…

Goal setting

Write down your timeframe and desired outcome e.g. “By (date)….I’ll have written (x number of) articles”.

Target market

Know your market

  • Who are they?
  • What do they read?
  • What are their needs, wants and desires?
  • Where do they read information on the internet?
  • What’s their preferred reading style? (academic or conversational style)
  • What type of articles do they prefer? (format, check our templates)


  • Start your swipe file: collect snippets of headlines, phrases or whole articles.
  • Keep an ideas log.
  • Gather sources of information to keep up with trends.

On the Road: Production & Promotion


  • Set aside time for writing.
  • Time yourself when writing.
  • Write, write and write: One article is not enough to satisfy your hungry fans.


  • Resource Box: Create your Resource Box that will be located at the bottom of your article. It should contain a short biography, a link to your website and a call to action. The Resource Box is a trade off. You give free content to web publishers in exchange for self-promotion on their website.
  • Landing page: Design your landing page. This is where your reader will be redirected when the link in your Resource Box is clicked. Will your landing page support your goals? For example, if your goal is to build a list, do you have a web form to capture the email address of your reader?

Article Submission

  • Where will you promote your articles? (e.g. article directories, blogs, professional associations’ websites, social networks, etc.)
  • Article Submission aids: How will you promote your article? Will you use submission software or an online article submission service?

Looking Back: Evaluation


Statistics from your site and from article directories provides objective feedback to improve your article marketing results. Study them.

  • What are your most read articles?
  • Are people clicking on the links in your Resource Box?

As you become an expert article marketer, remember to keep an eye on your article marketing roadmap. And yes, you can revise your plans from time to time because you found a shorter route to reach your destination. Bon voyage!

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