200 marketing ideas for your website

Have you wondered why some websites are so popular and successful while others do so poorly?

Discover amazing simple techniques and strategies used by successful Internet Pros

Without being an Internet Marketing Expert you too can easily and quickly apply those practical ideas to increase the profitability of your own website.

This is a risk-free offer. No matter what type of business you’re in, you’ll find powerful ideas to attract traffic to your website and convert visitors to loyal customers. And if you don’t learn any new effective strategy from your book, you’ll get your money back. It’s a 100% life-time no-hassle guarantee.

Tell me…

  • Are you tired of trying to come up with ‘creative’ ideas for your website to out-do your competition?
  • Are you sick of paying for online advertising that return poor results? People click on your ads, go to your website but leave in no time.
  • Have you had enough of competing on price and therefore lowering your profit margins?

Now, think about how much you would save on time and money if you could simply model successful online marketers.

How much easier and quicker would it be to apply their already tested strategies to your website rather than starting from scratch.

Who has bought ‘200 Marketing Ideas for Your Website’?

Microsoft library, whose role is “to help drive our vision for Microsoft employees to be at the forefront of information work”, has bought one copy then came back for more. The same happened with Adobe Systems. Wouldn’t you like to know what big players find in ‘200 Marketing Ideas for Your Website’ and why they’re buying not only one copy but several copies for their staff?

On my list of customers, I also have entrepreneurs, marketing managers, universities, professional associations, libraries and the list goes on… Some businesses even buy signed copies for their customers. What a far more original, personalised and long-lasting gift than promotional pens and other trinkets!

“Why Russ, did you buy a second copy?” I asked.

“We are in the process of building our own e-shop and have drawn on your experience and actual real life scenarios to ensure our travel along the path to success is well lit. Your site samples are well drawn and provide insight into various design and implementation aspects.

“The impact of various marketing approaches was also good food for thought.

“We are quite happy to share our findings and growing knowledge base with our clients and I thought that it was an excellent point for them to start off.

“Hence the purchase of another copy. In fact I plan to do the same with each new client that comes on board.

Kind regards
Russ Warton, Computer King Australia Pty Ltd, www.computerking.biz

What’s more, some Web Design firms give my books to their customers. By feeding new ideas to their customers, they make money from repeat business. Clever idea isn’t it?

Would it be useful for you?

First let me tell you that it’s not one of those books with hype and little content. No, it’s a classic! Sound and successful strategies that savvy online marketers use because those techniques work.

Do you have time to research hundreds and thousands of websites to find out what great ideas to apply to your website? The good news is that you don’t have to. I’ve studied over 2,000 websites for you, which took 6 months of intensive research.

I’m Henriette Martel-Lawson, website strategist and member of the Australian Marketing Institute, the Public Relations Institute of Australia and the Australian Institute of Management.

I’m also the founding director of the Australian Training Guide, the Australian training database for personal, professional and organisational needs.

I’ve found that too many internet marketers simply aren’t reaping the financial rewards that their website should be generating.

With this book, you get 200 best website strategies. It’s not only based on my expertise but also on the knowledge and experience of sharp online marketers across different industries. There is so much to learn from our peers!

How can these strategies benefit your business?

With simple instructions, 262 real-life examples and even screenshots to demonstrate how marketers have applied those ideas, anyone can improve their site’s content – in a way that will generate increased traffic and sales.
Would you like to know how to…

redtick22pix Optimize your website for higher rankings on organic search engine results – This is free advertising for your website!

redtick22pix Retain visitors and build a faithful client base – Keep your visitors engaged and coming back for more!

redtick22pix Present your products and services in a highly professional light – Your website is a reflection of your company as a whole; ensure that you’re sending the right message!

redtick22pix Elicit feedback and use it to improve your site – Find out what your visitors are really thinking and use it to target new and continued business!

redtick22pix Improve your customer service – Could you be doing more to satisfy your existing clients?

redtick22pix Build a database of qualified leads – Discover how to determine which clients are most interested in your products or services and solicit their contact information!

redtick22pix Solidify your reputation online and off – Build a reputation and image that will attract new clients and keep your existing ones faithful to your company!

redtick22pix Sell and cross-sell your products – Learn the secrets of maximizing the revenue generated by your existing products!

There are five main reasons why it’s crucial that you have valuable content on your website.

Useful, comprehensive and relevant web content is …

Main Reason #1
The best tool to build relationships with potential customers. You want people to stay as long as possible on your website to research, interact and shop. Research says that the longer visitors are ‘glued’ to your website, the more likely they will act upon your information. The whole idea is to gain visitors’ trust so they feel comfortable to leave their personal and credit card details.

Main Reason #2
The best organic search engine listing tool. Search engines look for the most useful and relevant information to keywords entered by their users. For top placement on their search engine results, you need to meet their criteria. A placement based on the merit of the website is called ‘organic search listing’ compared to a paid listing such as with Google AdWords.

Research reveals that 70% of people click on organic search engine results versus 30% on paid listings. Organic referrals are free and long-lasting. No such thing as payment to secure top listing and when you stop paying, your listing disappears and your traffic drops. Organic referrals – a cheap, effective and long-term strategy to gain online visibility while cutting your online advertising costs!

Main Reason #3
The best tool for viral marketing. Viral marketing is the word-of-mouth equivalent, email gossips that spread like viruses. Have you ever emailed a link to a friend or colleague because you want them to check a site because it’s ‘interesting’ or simply ‘cool’? That’s what it’s all about; you want people to refer others to your site. Free referrals are far more credible than costly ads.

Main Reason #4
The best link popularity tool. Could you benefit from a referral from another website? Many popular customer-focused websites will display useful links to websites that could benefit their customers. These could drive to you free qualified leads pre-sold to your reputation.

Main Reason #5
The best tool to differentiate your website from your competitors. Have you ever bought a CD or any other item on impulse without comparing prices elsewhere and just because you trusted the business owner or simply enjoyed your shopping experience? Sounds familiar? Well, that’s what successful online marketers do. They win customers with information, interactivity, expertise and credibility. That’s much better than competing on price isn’t it?

Could you see why developing interesting web content could be profitable for your business?

If you lack the knowledge to find web content that both people and search engines love, you can simply draw on the experience of skilled internet marketers in 200 Marketing Ideas for Your Website.

Imagine how you can accelerate your learning curve by simply modelling professional internet marketers?

Imagine how much you can save on time and money by effortlessly pick-and-choose tested strategies and reap the benefits of savvy online marketers’ wisdom, time, money and effort?

Imagine how you could stand out from your competitors by using innovative strategies that may already be in use in other industries but not yet in yours? Wouldn’t it be great to gain the competitive edge in your field?

Here’s a test for you…

If you were to implement some of these proven ready-made techniques…

How much more traffic to your website would you get?

If you convert only 10% of your visitors to loyal customers, how much could this mean to your business?

Is it time for you to look into new strategies for your website?

Here’s your essential website companion

200 Marketing Ideas for Your Website

It’s an incredible source of successful strategies that you can refer to over and over again when you run out of ways to spice up and inject a performance boost to your website.

But don’t expect to be able to apply all the ideas at once. There’s too many!

Every time you read a few lines of your book, you’ll discover tips and strategies through new eyes and come away with fresh ideas.

These ideas are not ‘airy fairy’ theoretical concepts but practical web content ideas you can implement now.

What’s more, your trustworthy book of ideas will only cost you a tiny fraction of the hourly rate for a consultation with me or any reputable online marketer.

Your faithful website companion will always be there when you’re stuck for brilliant ideas. It’s jam-packed with simple, innovative and inexpensive strategies to attract new and repeat visitors to your website and more so, to convert them to paying customers.

Here’s only a few of the many powerful strategies you’ll learn…

  • How to demonstrate the ‘quality’ of your product (page 25)
  • How to make visitors appreciate and value your product imperfections, if any (page 27)
  • How to convince people that you are the expert (page 51-55)
  • How to position your product by creating the appropriate ‘feel’ for your target market (p 28)
  • How can you picture a service when it’s intangible (page 30)
  • Four different ways to transform your product into a unique or exclusive item (page 34)
  • Nine effective ways to avoid clutter on your website (page 35-42)
  • Six clever ideas for unique web content that will set you apart from your competitors (p 43-49)
  • How to use outbound links to boost your credibility and search engine ranking (page 59)
  • Six interactive tools to add fun and accelerate the buying process (page 62-65)
  • How to get the most from your testimonials (page 68)
  • Five good reasons to pre-sell or sell your product before it is not yet available (page 75)
  • Four effective ways to use ‘cross-selling’ to boost the size of your orders (page 85)
  • Five critical elements that make or break cross-sell opportunities (page 85)
  • Sixteen profitable sales promotion ideas (page 89-99)
  • Twelve different ways to rapidly increase your database (page 107-117)
  • How to get customers of your customers on your database (page 114)
  • Sixteen easy and effective ways to create your own community for more traffic and loyal followers (page 119-129)
  • Where to find free stuff to give away on your website
  • A simple but hardly used method to draw new visitors and boost your income (page 138-139)
  • How to get people to study your web pages attentively and not just browse them (page 140-144)
  • Two highly profitable and easy methods to sell to people on your database (page 153)
  • How to use your website to save money on printing and promotion costs (page 85)
  • How to persuade people to hand you their money or give their personal details when they don’t know you from a bar of soap (page 160-163)
  • Useful tips to improve your ordering process (page 164-168)
  • What the worst mistake people do with their ‘About’ section (page 169)
  • How to learn about failings in your products and business system before you lose sales (page 194)
  • Why visitors fail to provide feedback (page 194)
  • How to use interactivity to find your visitors’ needs and expectations (page 197)
  • A brilliant way to obtain free and unique web content from visitors (page 117)

Without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars to have your website redesigned and rewritten, you can change the entire outlook of your online business by implementing the strategies described in this book.

Preview the Table of Contents (9 pages, PDF format, size file: 37.54KB)

What people say about the book

“This reference guide provides some really great practical tips and ideas to increase the effectiveness of your website. This book is a must read.”
Andrew Maurice, Manager, Stirling Small Business Centre

“If you own a small business, you must read this book filled with practical, easy to implement ways to turn your website from an expense to a profit centre.”
Clare Loewenthal, Publisher, DSB (Dynamic Small Business) Magazine

“I did not have to read it all before I found lots of helpful tips for my websites.”
Dr Peter Dingle, Author and Senior Lecturer, Murdoch University

“Thankyou very much it was a great read, very interesting and I have used it to put together a brief for the design of my new web site – very valuable.”
Justin O’Brien, Managing Director, High Performance People Group

“If you’re a novice, have dabbled a bit, or an astute marketer in the online world, 200 Marketing Ideas For Your Website is a more-than-worthwhile read. With a range of great ideas, guidelines on best-practice and highlights on new web ideas, Henriette Martel-Lawson has pulled together a helpful reference point for anyone interested in the internet and how to market your website within it.”
Neil Bridgeman, Online Marketing Coordinator – Flowers.com.au

Book reviews (extracts)

“After studying more than 2,000 websites, Martel-Lawson comes up with marketing trends and strategies that work on local and international sites. The book is not about a model that we should slavishly follow; rather it is meant to stir our interest in applying successful ideas to our own domains.
“The book’s 200 ideas cover plenty of territory, including visuals and sound features, e-commerce fundamentals and specific tools to market your site.
“Busy communicators owe Henriette Martel-Lawson for saving us countless hours by pointing directly to leading-edge sites that work from a marketing perspective.”
Marketing Update-News from the Australian Marketing Institute

“In a nutshell, 200 Marketing Ideas For Your Website is an excellent, engaging read and I would highly recommend it to people new to the world of ecommerce and web marketing. Even seasoned site owners and marketers can pick up some very valuable ideas from Henriette’s book.
“200 Marketing Ideas For Your Website isn’t complex or filled with hype and buzzwords as so many other publications on the subject of web marketing can tend to be. The book contains over 200 pages of intelligent ideas and strategies; in a logical sequence and in bite sized format.
“As well as a truckload of great ideas, Henriette points you all the resources you’ll need in order to implement the strategies. Also included is a comprehensive glossary of terms to help you through all the technobabble and buzz terms used in the world of promotion and marketing.” Full review
Michael Bloch, Internet marketing and e-commerce consultant, Tamingthebeast.net

I’ve designed this guide with a diverse range of users in mind. Why? Simply put, I understand that businesses of all sizes increasingly rely on the web for exposure and as an integral component of their marketing effort. My guide contains important strategies on branding, building a company profile and improving customer service with specific web content.

Operating a business of my own, I know that it just isn’t always possible to fit workshops, seminars and marketing classes to teach you these important skills into your schedule… or budget! Read this guide and implement changes to your site in your own time.

200 Marketing Ideas for Your Website is an extremely affordable resource.

How many more opportunities will you continue to waste with an ineffective website?

Imagine how your business will flourish when you learn to draw motivated clients to your website, catch their interest with your content, impress them with your professionalism and engage them in ways that keep them coming back for more!

Learn from the success of others. Renovate your website into the wealth generating marketing tool that you need to drive your business. Enjoy this guide with a no-hassle, lifetime money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

Begin your website’s transformation today! Download instantly to learn the strategies and techniques needed to jumpstart your online business through the use of powerful, convincing web content.

Act immediately and receive the following FREE Bonuses

Since I know it’s 100% to your benefit to start using these website strategies right away, I want to give you every possible reason to say ‘YES’ today!

If you respond immediately, you’ll also receive the following bonuses:

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The Buy Impulse:
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Would you like to learn how to control the mind of potential customers? This ebook will provide you with powerful psychological tools and mind control techniques to do so. You can use the same methods whether you run a charity, provide professional services or have an e-commerce shop. Simply brilliant and dangerously powerful!
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147 Killer ePublishing Strategies

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Offering Information Products is the best, cheapest and quickest way to gain credibility and add another stream of income to your website. From this ebook, you will learn:

  • 20 Questions To Ask Before Creating An ebook
  • 15 Creative Ways To Make Money With eBooks
  • 20 Ways To Increase Your Traffic And Sales With eBooks
  • 10 Ways To Increase Your Free eBook Downloads
  • 10 Easy Ways To Increase Your eBook’s Size
  • 10 Concerns To Have Before Creating A Members Only Web Site
  • 12 High Readership Content Ideas
  • 10 Reasons To Sell A Fee Based Subscription Ezine
  • 40 Hot Information Product Ideas

It comes also with resell rights. That’s another resource for you to give away or sell to your customers.

Let’s recap. When you buy ‘200 Marketing Ideas for Your Website’ you get…

redtick22pix 200 website marketing strategies that took internet marketers years to perfect.

redtick22pix An opportunity to have a personalised copy signed by the author (only available with this offer). What a wonderful gift to yourself, for a friend or a colleague!

redtick22pix The Buy Impulse: 26 Mind Control Tools That Get More Customers Who Spend More Money More Frequently to generate more sales. Includes resell rights.

redtick22pix 147 Killer ePublishing Strategies so you can create your own information products for more credibility and sales. Includes resell rights.

redtick22pix A no-risk life-long 100% no-hassle guarantee on your book ‘200 Marketing Ideas for Your Website’.

100% Satisfaction GuaranteedNow, you have all the tools to give your website a bright future!

My best wishes for your online success,

Henriette Martel

Sorry the book is out of print!

“The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be
the only sustainable competitive advantage.” (De Geus)

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