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Free Resources for Business Owners and Internet Marketers

Marketing Cues offers website marketing strategies and resources to develop or convert a stale website into an effective web marketing tool.

A purposeful and efficient website can build your reputation as an expert, open new markets, provide another stream of income and develop customer relationships while reducing operational costs such as postage, printing and phone bills.

The list of benefits is endless.

In a nutshell, the key to online success is to attract visitors and convert them into loyal customers.

Sounds easy?

But no two websites are alike, no template fits all. On a strategic level, websites are built following business objectives, target audience, types of products and services offered and unique selling propositions.

And on a tactical level, websites differ in terms of layout, design, navigational tools, type of content and website marketing techniques.

Your site may be a masterpiece of technology and design, yet it may not be built to achieve your business goals or present an user-friendly interface.

For tips on improving your site's effectiveness, browse the articles and reviews.